What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a financial arrangement where debt is discharged and is generally considered a last resort for people who have no alternative debt solution.

Generally bankruptcy occurs when there are both secured and unsecured debts and no means to repay them, otherwise there are usually debt solutions such as the debt management plan and the IVA.

We strongly recommend before entering into bankruptcy we carry out a debt assessment for you to find out if you qualify for the other debt solutions first.

This is to protect your assets, your credit rating and to avoid some of the unpleasant pitfalls that go along with bankruptcy.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Personal Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy Advantages:

  • Once the bankruptcy period is completed all debts are written off in their entirety and there is no further debt liability.
  • Anyone living in rented accommodation will be able to continue paying debt.
  • It may be possible to become debt free in the space of 1 year, however your credit rating will be heavily affected.

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